IT’S HERE. WE GIVE YOU..Disgusting. F****ing.Filth
by on February 2, 2015 in MUSIC NEWS VIDEOS

After hard slogging it and working on this for many months, we’re incredibly excited to bring to the table our brand new video for album track ”Filth”. While the Age of Sedation video had quite a large epic scope to fit the theme, we wanted Filth to be more fast paced and somewhat chaotic.  We had the idea of the having the camera actually being pushed and thrown  into the next shot to give the visuals quite a fluid and aggressive look.  We’re all incredibly stoked with the results.

Here’s what James has to say about his concept for the writing of the track

“Filth is the second single from debut album Age of Sedation, it shies away from a lot of the common themes on the alblum and instead focuses more introspectively when it comes to the lyrics. Aside from being just a simple outburst of aggression I feel like it’s actually more about wasted potential and people falling short of the heights they could achieve down to stupid personal choices. It’s as much about myself as it is aimed towards others I suppose” James Denton 2015

“We’re not saved by our saviours,
everyday that passes we make new martyrs.
I’ll show the world your true face:
I’l burn the bridges you make”

Thanks to Simon Garrod at Monolith Music for having faith in us and to Metal Hammer magazine for their consistent support. Special thanks to Richard Oakes @ Dark Fable Media for turning our vision into this video, Don S,  Kevin Thornton, Wendy Hillier, Mark Stokes, Richard & Steve @ Kremer Signs, Craig Macmillan,

James, Dan, Kev, Moat, Theo


Filth 2015

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